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About this site

Accompanying and leading others in sung Christian worship is something I began doing at the age of eleven. I've played many genres and styles over the years since then, and have had a number of very different church music roles.

The coronavirus is an interruption which I hope to turn to good use. I intend to post a song link here each day, and I hope others in my own church, and maybe even beyond, will find it of interest.

I've already discovered that this isn't going to be as easy as I first thought:- I have been unable to find recordings of my first and second choices for an initial link. The web is awash with videos of Christian worship songs, but as with so many things on the web, what at first appears to be huge variety is in fact many choices of the same or similar things. The mainstream worship industry is... very industrious.

Martin Brasier, 22nd March 2020.